to be passionate rules

 – in editing, photography, art, everything you do

The most important thing that you need if you want to succeed in whatever you do – whether it is film editing, photography, any art or almost everything you do – is to be passionate about what you do.
I am just watching a live concert by Peter Gabriel on DVD and some thoughts come to my mind. Why am I moved by his performance? Is it his voice, the meaning of his words,  the show, the audience going wild, memories from my past?
Maybe it is a combination of all the above, but I think there is something more. It is about the way he performs his music, how he feels and brings it across. There is real passion and love in the way he does things and you can feel it if you see it – even if you hear it.
Of course the performance and the show are perfect. It is interesting that all the guys have the same haircut (they’re all almost shaven) and the girls have long dark hair. All artists wear black clothes and look alike in this way. The camera and stage crew all wear orange overals. But the feeling does not have to do with the show.
What do audiences all over the world love about music, artists, also athletes? It is the passion they feel for what they do. The feeling they live their dream and succeed by putting all of their effort into it. So it leaves you with the chance to achieve the same if you also put your effort and passion into what you love doing. Wether it is work, sports, arts or love.
So in fact it is the hope and the feeling of freedom that you feel while watching and listening that keeps you going on with your own stuff, and which gives you inspiration and strength for your own goals.
So be inspired and passionate about what you do and do it with all of your heart and you can go somewhere. There where the people you admire are already. Living their dream. So lets go out and live your dream. Now.