When a film editor travels

what should he bring?

For those of you who don’t know me, let me tell you quickly what I do. I am a professional film editor based in Berlin, Germany. Just recently I was (and still am) working on the new feature film of director Detlev Buck that is shot in 3D.
We were shooting in 3 different countries over a time of only 31 days. That is not very much time for 2D but for 3D it is almost unbelievable. So we had to shoot with up to six riggs, which gave us a lot of material to work on.
To complete the mission in the editing room at home and also on the road we needed to be as flexible as possible. Because of the restricted shooting time it was essential that we could edit right on the spot, but also be able to move fast.
So we decided to use Macbook Pro with G-RAID drives. That gave us a lot of flexibility. The drives are fast, easy to use and very quick to set up. Also they are very reliable. You can imagine going to a remote location like Ecuador where the power source is not steady can bring you problems.
And using 6 riggs at a time the drives filled up quickly. But even with two of them daisy chained together, we did not experience any performance issues when using them with ProRes 422 codec.
To conclude this review I would always (and probably will) buy G-RAID for the purposes described. Fast reliable and very good quality for the price. And with the new drives containing thunderbolt the drives will be even faster. Right now I am also using a pegasus R6 Raid which is so unbelievably fast you wouldn’t believe it. So right now there are more choices that will make working with bigger files even more fun.
 Berlin, February 2013